Something I have been thinking about for a few months during 2016 is doing a section on interviewing the interesting people who are involved in running pubs/bar staff/ micropubs / breweries / beer bloggers / ale drinkers / anything else I can think of.

I have got to know quite a few now and some have interesting stories to tell so for 2017 I shall feature 1 per month, I shall interview them, chat about how they started what they are currently doing, advertise what they are doing and plans for the future and see if the plans happen. They will have a full page to themselves on my website.

If you want to get involved then let me know but not got many months spare, who never knows might even do it in 2018 as well or squeeze 2 in a month.

January PUB – White Lion at Heeley

February – BEER BLOGGERStwobeergeeks – you can follow them on Twitter : @twobeergeeks blog site is here 

March BEER BLOGGERS – Mashtun and Meow – Twitter : @MashtunandMeow – blog site is here

April – BREWERY – Lost Industry – you can follow them on Twitter : @Lost_Industry 

May BREWERY HopJacker – you can follow them on Twitter : @HopJacker  – website is here

June –  MICRO PUB – The Bar Stewards micropub/bottle shop – new place in Sheffield, Twitter – @bar_stewards website is here

July – MICRO PUB – Itchy Pig Sheffield micropub – you can follow them on Twitter : @theitchypig 

August –  

September PUB – New Barrack Tavern pub down at Hillsborough




I am going to turn my pub walks into downloadable pdf files onto your mobile phones. The first one is below:



Pub Walk No 1 -(Near Weston Park to Train station)  this is starting from University Arms to Old Queens Head near the train station, a evening walk if you are doing halves, its not achievable if you are doing pints.

You can download the walk now as a pdf file which is Sheffield Ale Pubs walk1. Also if you click on the pub names once downloaded onto your phone it will take you to their webpage on my website.

Everyday in June I shall be mentioning a “Pub a Day

These will be 30 pubs you probably not been in, never been in, not sure what to expect, dont know where they are.

We all know by now which are the best ale pubs in Sheffield but what about the others we dont hear of as they have not got Facebook or Twitter or there isnt a website for us to look at or they are not in the town centre.

Below are my 30 pubs and I have been to each one and a link to their page is on their pub name below:

I would love to hear your opinions also on these 30 pubs