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Yes its back for a 4th year. So what is this ?, if you have done it before you will know, but if you haven’t here is a run down :

During the whole of May the idea is to fill in a card and visit all 13 pubs and they will give you a sticker, you have to have a half pint of :

  • Thornbridge – Personal Best
  • True North – Lapped

The 13 pubs are:

  1. The Riverside
  2. Devonshire
  3. The Forum
  4. Bath Hotel
  5. Beer Engine
  6. Brothers Arms
  7. Broadfield
  8. Stags Head
  9. Greystones
  10. The York
  11. Doctors Orders
  12. Hallamshire House
  13. Closed Shop

The above 13 pubs is the order I will be doing them in.

You don’t have to do them all in 1 day, you cannot do them all on a Sunday as The Bath Hotel isn’t open.

I have seen some people run it all the way round all 13. I prefer to walk and will be attempting all 13 in 1 day, which will be a Saturday.

A contribution from every pint will go towards the chosen charity of Mind Sheffield, so it is for a worthy cause.

You can find more info on this website. More details on what you need to do with completed cards.

You can follow other people on Twitter  here.

You can follow them on Facebook here.

Best of all its about having fun visiting these pubs which you may not have visited before.