Two Thirds

Another new bar arriving in Sheffield, the 9th new pub this year, this one is on Abbeydale Road and is located near to Broadfield pub and this building used to be a cake shop.  You can also catch the 97/98/75/76/86 bus so plenty of transport. Plus is also a short walk from Heeley.

As you walk in the bar is right infront of you with seating in the other room, the yellow leg stools are for the colour of the cake shop walls, which was yellow, there is also a picture on the wall of the cake shop which is a nice tough. On each table there is also a price list of what ales are on. They do 1/3rds.

Now the most important bit, they have 2 cask on, although they did say this could increase, there was a selection of about 6/7 keg ales to choose from, I  had Tiny Rebel, Lervig and Cigar City ale, so they know their stuff, also a fridge of cans and bottles to also drink, they have also larger and cider on keg.

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