July – The Itchy Pig

Back to monthly special and in July there are 2 and 1 is the micropub at Broomhill, this place is down the road which runs down the side of The York and a short walk to Broomhill Tavern, this is now the 3rd micropub in Sheffield so lets get down to the questions.

1. What made you open a micropub in Sheffield and also why did you choose Broomhill area ?

I set up The Itchy Pig in Sheffield because I had relocated from Kent and this was my new home. I was looking for a career change and a micropub seemed an extremely exciting option. I was living in Crookes and loved the S10 area. Broomhill had some brilliant vacant shops on offer but 495 Glossop road was the one for me (especially after seeing its double cellar!). Being close to a bus stop in a busy bustling area filled with successful pubs and restaurants, I felt it cried out for an independent micropub.


2. You have 5 cask pumps and a good selection of keg lines so how do go about which ales to choose, is it local, reputable breweries, stout, dark ales etc etc.

It’s like being a kid in a sweet shop! We have a plan for every pump, although we always have 3 pales starting with 4% and under moving upwards on the cask pumps. In the autumn/winter we have a classic bitter on and we always have a stout/porter line throughout the year. On the keg lines, we have 9 options with a few permanent regulars including Curious Brew lager, Black Rat cider, Camden pale ale and Heathen. Additionally, we try to have a rotating mix on the keg lines, including a stout and often a wheat beer alongside slightly unusual options you won’t see everywhere, such as sour beers.


3. Do you think you will go down the route of opening a brewery or just brew your own ales on a smaller scale to sell in the micropub ?

I don’t think a microbrewery is for me, although we were lucky enough to be invited to Exit33 brewery for a day to brew our first collab IPA, Sty PA which gave me an insight into the huge amount of skill and hard work involved to produce beer. It is definitely something I’d rather leave to the talented breweries that are around and are popping up; I’m more than happy with sampling and selling their hard work!


4. I know you do the odd Brew Foundation tap takeover, do you have any other tap takeovers planned or are you planning any ?

None in the pipe line at the moment but we’re always open to offers!

5. Everyone has their favourite brewery so what is yours and why ?

Exit33 is probably my favourite Sheffield brewery. Pete approached me before I opened up, welcomed me to the industry and offered as much help as he could. In turn, his ale is superb in my opinion and its always something to look forward to when he’s got a new one coming up.


6. What do you think will be the next big thing in the beer world?, I know you don’t have a crystal ball but pretend you have one

Keg beers! I know it’s not new and exciting but I think it’s really going to continue to grow.


7. What made you choose the name The Itchy Pig – where did the idea come from ?

It all came from my love of pork scratchings. I was originally going to call it “The Pork Scratching” until I was sitting with my dad having a beer and we came up with “The Itchy Pig”!


8. Give everyone a run down of what the pub does everyday – eg opening times, any events in the evenings ?

I have very recently taken the decision to open 7 days a week so here are the new revised times.
Monday – Thursday 3pm-11pm
Friday, Saturday 12pm-11pm
Sunday 3pm-10.30pm
We’ve fallen into a nice routine: Monday is ordering day, Tuesday-Thursday are generally delivery days and I pick up the maintenance in between. We’re very passionate about keeping the lines clean so we religiously clean all the fixed lines on a Monday and the rotating ales get cleaned as soon they finish.


9. I am always interested to read about peoples 1st ale and 1st ever pub so what are yours ?

Ha that’s a tough one to remember! My first ale was probably London pride bought for me by my dad in one of our local village pubs called The Bowl Inn at the top of Charing Hill in Kent. Being brought up just outside Faversham, a pint of Masterbrew or Oranjeboom was never too far away. I would like to add that given the choice between a Sheffield pint and a Shepherd Neame pint I would take a Sheffield pint any day!


I cannot find a Facebook page they run, but there is one here,

They now have a website which is here.

You can follow them on Twitter : @theitchypig

The pub also celebrated their 1st anniversary on 30th July. 1 year old.

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