September – New Barrack Tavern

My monthly specials now hit September and time for another pub, this time it is the New Barrack Tavern situated at Hillsborough not far from Morrisons and is situated on Penistone Road. I cannot remember when I first went in here but it was ages ago, you are greeted by two lovely people in Steph and Kev, who run the pub now. So lets get down to the questions :


1 & 2.       Tell everyone about yourselves and when you first moved into the New Barrack Tavern?

 We moved to the NBT 15 years ago next month, Kevin was working as assistant manager at Castle Rock, myself in the nursing profession, originally I was just going to do a bit of cleaning and look for a job when we moved in, as I wasn’t from a pub background, well that didn’t happen as when we arrived there were a lot of hours to cover and on the bar I started and haven’t looked back ever since, absolutely love it as we all love the New Barrack Tavern. Our daughter Rebecca has grown up in the pub and now a personal licence holder.

  The opportunity came up a couple of years ago for us to take over as our own business.



3.       Tell everyone a rundown of what activities you do during the week ?

 Monday- Chess club – we have four teams now.

Monday- Pool league and practise

Wednesday- 8pm Quiz night with find the joker.

Thursday – Morris dancers.

Friday-  Live music

Saturday- Live music

Sunday- 1st Sunday in the month is our Comedy night.

 Away day’s Tuesday’s & Saturday’s for SWFC matches.



4.       You are re-nouned for live music at the weekend, so what events have you held this year and any planned for the rest of the year ?

 We have had some amazing event’s this year our annual NBTFEST was brilliant and this year the weather was very kind to us. We have a charity event Saturday 7th October for Bluebell wood with the amazing Highway Child. Also Saturday 28th October we have The Tony ‘Aunty’ Hallatt memorial gig hosted by The Amelia Cater band featuring The Stamp Collectors and other guests in aid of The Sheffield Hospitals Charity.

Comedy festivals were also great this year we have had a few Gong shows and two coming up Sunday 15th October & Sunday 19th November.

 We have more events next year and hopefully a massive event locally in July which we would love to be part of ….watch this space.



 5.       Out of all the bands that have played at the pub, which is your fav ? any famous people performed there ?

 That’s such a hard question as we have had some awesome bands over the years from Rock bands, soul bands, punk and mod bands, 80’s & Blues bands.  Although a few years ago we did have a fab band who played our silver Wedding anniversary that also played for Prince William & Kate that was very special.

 We have had some top bands that have played some pretty big gigs,

The Sherlocks, Highway Child, Chantel McGregor, Fahran, local legend Frank White and many more.

Over the years we have had some pretty big names in comedy play our stage, Rod Gilbert, Sarah Millican, Patrick Monahan, Romesh Ranganathan and many more.




6.       You also have a function room which some people may not know about, so how many people does it hold ? cost ? what events have you held in there ?

 We are very proud of the function room, it was converted two years ago from storage space and taking out a couple of rooms from our living space upstairs. It has a bar in the room with x3 cask lines and x3 keg lines & large fridge. Unisex toilet with baby change. And a massive piece of steel artwork from a very talented local artist Sam -B-Cressay. The wood around the bar is the old floor boards we took out from upstairs over 100 years old bringing the old with the new. Room holds 50 people, you can also watch the bands in here on big screen.

Ideal for meeting in the week we have projector & screen with flip charts. We also have Sky tv in this room.



7.       Now down to ales, you have 12 ale pumps and 2 cider pumps and loads of bottles, so give us a rundown of what ales are on, are there regular ales ? I also notice you going down the keg route as well,

 We have 5 regular beers

Castle Rock Brewery Harvest Pale 3.8%

Castle Rock Brewery Screech Owl 5.5%

Acorn Brewery Barnsley Bitter 3.8%

Bradfield Brewery’s Farmers Ale 3.9%

Titanic Brewery Plum Porter 4.9%

We always have another Castle Rock on the bar watch out for their session IPA it’s really good and Vegan friendly.

Some guests from Great Heck, Tiny Rebel, Wild beer co, North riding.

Brilliant keg from Northern Monk at the moment.

 We would love to get some Hop Jacker on the bar.



8.       I notice you have a Lost Industry “150 Pale” on for Sheff Wed matches, how did this ale come about ?, was it your idea or Lost Industry ?

 Going back 2 years ago Kevin and myself were talking about doing a special beer for the pub for the 150th anniversary of SWFC as it’s a massive part of our pub and a year later we approached Jimmy from Lost Industry Brewing as you know he’s just down the road and a really great chap. Jimmy made an awesome job of the beer, pump clip and bottles and they are only available here.



9.       You were the first pub to introduce us to Lost Industry and I am sure you were the first to show Traffic Street brewery in Sheffield, and also the only pub to have Plum Porter (Titanic) on all the time, so what other “new breweries” have you had on ? which have been a hit with the locals ?

Well we had Jimmy from Lost Industry and James from The Brew Foundation start around the same time and so lucky to have them both on the bar and look at them now 2 fab Brewery’s. one to look for is Mitchells Hop House we were the first to have their test brew. We love the guys at Traffic Street Brewery and hope they do some more beers next year.

We were very lucky when Castle Rock did the New Brew night once a month we had lots of new brewery’s (for new brewery’s open less than a year) Black Iris, Totally Brewed, Charnwood brewery, and many more.



10.   One question I am dying to ask you is, do you plan to hold a beer festival in the future ?, is it something you wanted to do ?

 Well I can confirm we are going to do at least one beer festival next year to tie in with our annual NBTFEST music festival in August. Still working on a few more events for 2018 and a brand new project we are very excited about …watch this space hopefully by November.


11.   What’s the pub like on a match day?

 Well when we tweet or Facebook about our SWFC family we really mean it, we have a fabulous SWFC family who support us all season long home and away trips they are great such a great atmosphere, we are also away friendly.

 You can follow them on Facebook here

You can follow them on Twitter here

 Instagram – new_barrack_tavern






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