July – Jabbarwocky

2019 is a new start for my Monthly Reviews, the last ones I did was in 2017 and I didn’t want to do them every year so 2 years seem a good wait. I didn’t do one in January as the month was nearly over before I had my list of 10 reviews to do.

July – is Jabbarwocky pub which is located on London Road just after Cremorne pub.



  • Introduce yourself and tell everyone who you are? Have you been in the beer business long.


We are Chris and Abbi. Chris used to manage The Bath Hotel, and Abbi worked at the University,  as one half of Freak Street Cafe, a small street food venture, and previously at The Hallamshire & The Harlequin. We’ve both involved with beer over ten years each.


  1. Tell everyone what you serve ale wise, gin, vodka, beers etc etc and how many. Food wise as well. 

Currently, we have 8 keg lines with a 9th line currently being set-up. 5 of these are devoted to ever-changing craft beers, 3 to continental lagers (Kozel, Pislner Urqell, Zyweic/Tyskie) and our new line to cider – or anything else we fancy! We have one cask line, which we currently have Abbeydale’s Moonshine as a permanent fixture. By Christmas we’re hoping to have an additional cask line to have a rotating guest ale – we do love a stout on cask.

We’re hoping to make cider a bigger thing too. We usually have two bag-in-boxes ciders, a couple of bottles, and a new keg line as mentioned above. We’re keen on proper cider, made with actual juice as opposed to concentrates & flavourings.

Vodka is a big thing at Jabbarwocky. Inherited from the bar’s Polish roots we have a wide selection of clear and flavoured Polish vodkas which are incredibly smooth, and very moorish.

We also serve home-cooked food and bar bites. We make hand-rolled dumplings in house, which are steamed then fried on the bottom and served with sour cream, dips and pickles. We also serve Hungarian-style goulash, and have various snacks such as halloumi skewers and chorizo. The focus is on great quality, wholesome & affordable beer food!


  1. What are the opening hours, also what events do you have on during the week and weekends. (quizzes etc etc)

Opening Hours:

Monday – Closed
Tuesday – 17:00-23:00

Wednesday-Thursday – 15:30-23:00
Friday – 15:30-23:30

Saturday – 13:00-23:30
Sunday – 13:00-20:00

We have our handwritten quiz with Rich on Thursday’s at 8pm. We also have regular bands, DJs and events – check our Facebook page for details.


  1. Do you have any plans to do any meet the breweries or tap takeovers this year ? We all know you love a good Brew York tto.

We’re definitely planning on having another TTO before the end of the year. We really enjoyed our first one with Runaway for Sheffield Beer Week. We’ve got some plans up our sleeve for October time, and for our 1st birthday party.


  1. What made you choose the location you are in now and where did the name of the pub come from ?

The location was just chance really. We saw the lease for Bar Ambasada. PL become available and we jumped at the opportunity. The former owners were keen for it to remain a bar, and not a takeaway and the rest is history. The name came from the Lewis Carroll poem – we were looking for something quirky and interesting and the name stuck.

  1. Now time to think back, what was your first ever ale you had and which pub was it in ?, also is the pub still there.

First ever ale was probably Doom Bar or Timothy Taylor’s Landlord to be honest. But the first ales that really got me into beer was Hop Monster from Exit 33 at The Harlequin, and Kipling on cask from the Hallamshire House.


  1. Which are your favourite top 3 breweries and why ?

So hard to pick a top 3! From Chris’s time at The Bath Hotel we’ve had a great relationship with Thornbridge. We’re also big fans of Buxton & Turning Point. In terms of ones to watch, we’ve been really impressed with Wander Beyond, Runaway and Wild Weather recently.


  1. Which are your favourite 3 pubs in Sheffield and why ? You can choose your own 

We love The Rutland – the standard of beer and food is always impressive. The atmosphere is chilled, and Juli (the dog) always get spoilt. Our other favourite haunts include The Bath Hotel (of course) The White Lion & The Beer Engine.


  1. A question I asked in 2017 to some and will be asking this to everyone this year and see if any of them happen, so what do you think will be making the headlines in Sheffield in 2019/20 beer wise ?

I think more brewery taps, and great places to drink beer opening up and adding to the growing scene in Sheffield will continue to be news for 2019/20.  More venues to add to pub walks!

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