Buxton 2018

One of my “to do list” for this year is to visit Buxton, mainly for the Buxton tap pub and Redwillow Tap pub. I have some time on my hands before I start my new job and this is a good time as any to visit the pubs, also Omnipollo tto was on the Buxton tap pub so a double bonus.

Buxton is easy to get to from Sheffield, the 65 bus takes you there and at £6 for a single fare, the only drawback is it takes 1.5hrs to get there, but the scenery is lovely as it travels round the roads in remote areas, by the time I got to Buxton I was ready for a drink.

I was there for 4 days and first stop was Tuesday night Redwillow pub for the evening, the hotel was across the road as well.


I think they had on 17 kegs and 5ish cask and a few cans, I ended up buying 6 cans, the range of ales was good for me to spend the evening in there.

Rest of the week in the mornings was for a walk and then afternoon was the pubs.


One of the pubs I wanted to also visit is the Cheshire Cheese run by Titanic Brewery and made a couple of visits there, they have 5 cask of Titanic ales and 5 guest ales, I think I had nearly all 10 of them.

The pub is easy to get to as well, its on the main road out of Buxton.


The highlight of the 4 days was the Buxton Brewery tap pub, had a few of the Omnipollo ales but the best ones were downstairs and the queue was horrendous, so didn’t go down there, plus it was raining. The food in there is also very nice, the cheesecake was to die for. I made a couple of visits here and tried a few Buxton ales

If you have never been to these 2 pubs (Redwillow and Buxton) it well worth the trip and got a few bottles to drink at my own leisure, that’s another “to do” off my list.

Happy time.

Buxton Brewery website

Redwillow Brewery website

Titanic Brewery website


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