Doncaster 2017

Now Easter bank holiday 2017 was one where I wanted to go away for a few days but no idea where, I was on looking at Leeds, Manchester, York, Buxton several times, and even looked at Whitby, not sure why, maybe I was getting bored or trying to figure out where to go. Then I read in one of those many beer mags I have that Doncaster Brewery were doing a mini beer festival over the holidays and since it has been a few years since I was last in Doncaster I thought why now and Doncaster is where I headed for 2 days of drinking.

I knew I wasn’t going to get the 10/11 ale pubs and keg lines galore and weird and wacky ales, I was more interested in quality served ales and nice pubs. I wanted to do something different and I was glad I went, so here goes …

…. my Doncaster journey … the pubs are all within walking distance and there really isn’t a route as all are so close together. (the pubs are in no order).

I got from a edition of Doncaster CAMRA “Donny Drinker” magazine a map of the pubs and this is what was my guide.



THE SALUTATION -this pub was very close to the hotel, plenty of seats and also a beer garden, they do serve food.

Ale pumps : 7 ales and a good selection, they did have 2 Little Critters ales.

Facebook page is here

YORKSHIRE GREY – loads of seating in here and more of sports pub and they were showing football, food is served here.

Ale pumps : 4 ales and some from breweries I not heard of before.

Facebook page is here

GOOSE – this is a chain pub so loads of seats and also a beer garden at the back, this was a busy pub, food is served here.

Ale pumps : 6 ales and some not heard of before

Facebook page is here

LITTLE POUGH – this pub has won a few Camra awards and the pub has 2 seating areas, one with a open fire and another with is much bigger, I went into the smaller side.

Ale pumps : 3 ale pumps, 1 had Barnsley Bitter on all the time and 2 guest ales.

Facebook page is here

TUT N SHIVE – this is next door to Little Plough and a sporty type of bar, they were showing football.

Ale pumps : 5 ales and cannot even remember what they had either.

Facebook page is here

THE RED LION – this is a Wetherspoons pub so you should know what to expect here, a nice pub as well.

Ale pumps : 12 ales

The Facebook page is here

THE GATEHOUSE – the 2nd Wetherspoons pub.

Ale pumps : 10 ales

Facebook page is here

ANGEL & ROYAL – this is a huge pub inside with a balcony of seats and best looking pub I had been to.

Ale pumps : 3 ales, not a vast selection. I ended up having a Bombardier.

Facebook page is here

THE QUEEN Crafthouse & Kitchen – for me the best pub in Doncaster, very gothic looking and rock bar feel, plenty of seats.

Ale pumps : 5 ales and they also have a keg line which was interesting.

Facebook page is here

THE WOOLPACK – this pub seem to specialise in music a lot as they have a stage, also they have a pool table and plenty of seats.

Ale pumps : 3 ales but 2 pumps had nothing on

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CORNER PIN – a lovely old fashioned pub with plenty  of seats. They were showing the footie score on their tv screen. There is another pub across the road but it did look closed and the police were there.

Ale pumps : 4 ales

Facebook page is here

THE RAILWAY – nice looking pub outside and plenty of seats inside.

Ale pumps : 4 ales

Facebook page is here

LEOPOLD – large pub and showing football and bar staff asked if I was a Camra member for discount which is good as pubs advertise they do Camra discount but never ask or you don’t see signs at the bar saying Camra discount.

Ale pumps : 3 ales

DONCASTER BREWERY – now they had a beer festival on and what a lovely place this is, friendly bar staff and even the public joined in, I met someone from Untppd in here, I came back and spent 2 days in here.

They have 6 ale pumps and 6 cider pumps at the front bar, at the back bar there was more ale pumps and they also did some keg lines for the festival.

Facebook page is here

Website is here and you can follow them on Twitter : @DonnyBrewery

I also wanted to visit the following but they were all closed:

The Courtyard, Marketplace ale house & deli

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