Edinburgh Pubs

My recent trip to Edinburgh on November 6th to the 8th in 2015 involved visiting some ale pubs to see what that have to offer.

I did some research before going to make sure I found the ones I wanted to visit. You will need your walking boots on.

The weather didnt help with the rain and wind so below is which I had time to visited:


The Stockbridge Tap

This pub is on Raeburn Place in Stockbridge and is walkable form Princess Street, it would be best to use google map on your phone to find this pub, once you get into Stockbridge it is easy to find.

The building a very white front and once inside there is plenty of space to sit in, the bar is infront of you when you enter, they have a good selection of ales, I am not sure of number of ale pubs but it is either 6 or 7. They did have a porter when i was there.

There are also voted the CAMRA Scotland & Northern Ireland pub of the year 2015, and worthy winners in my eyes. I would have gone again over my weekend stay but the weather didnt help.

They do update their Facebook and Twitter pages with the selection of ales available.


Google map is here so you find the pub, the Facebook page is here, you can follow them on twitter: @StockbridgeTap


The Cask and Barrel

This pub is just outside of Edinburgh town centre and heading towards the main road towards Leith, I walked to where the Omni Centre is to the main roundabout and along the B901 road, it is at the end of this road on the corner.

The pub is quite large from outside and covers the corner in the dark green exterior, once inside this pub is very large and has plenty of seats and has quite a few tv screens and was showing the football with commentary.

There are about 8 ale pumps, 4 on each side on this circular bar.

The ales are also on boards so you can see what is on, this is a feature I do like, their Facebook page is updated with what ales are on.

Only a handful of pubs I visited which had porter on.

Facebook page is here, google map is here so you can find the pub, I couldnt find a twitter page.


12189792_10153214421942215_2038919754207743795_n 12196257_10153216025387215_3309511664961866253_n


The Bailie

After visiting the Stockbridge Tap I walked back into Edinburgh town centre and passed this pub on the way.

This has a black outside and large white writing so easy to spot, this is down some stairs and has a few seats round the front of the pub.

Once inside this has a large seating area and also a area set aside for food.

I am not sure how many ales were on, about 4 to 5 and had a nice selection.

They have a couple of screens in there and was showing the football, and one had the tennis on.

The google map is here to find where the pub is, the website is here, Facebook page is here, you can follow them on Twitter but hasnt been updated since 2013 : @Bailie_Bar



The Wally Dug

This pub is on Northumberland Street and is near a corner, another pub where you walk down some steps to get to the door.

Inside you are greeted with the bar and 3 ale pumps, a seating area is to the left of the bar and another couple of rooms along the pub to sit in.

Some interesting things on the wall to look at.

The google map is here so you can find the pub, website is here, you can follow them on Twitter : @TheWallyDug the Facebook page is here.



The Conan Doyle

This is one of my favourite pubs in Edinburgh and when I visit I always come here, sometimes several times.

The pub is near the Omni Centre and is situated on the corner.

You are greeted with a short walk up some steps and the pub is split into two, a drinking area and a area for eating.

They serve 8 ales and I had quite a few in there, always a nice selection, and serve them in those handle glasses and they also do the 3 – 1/3 glasses, well worth a visit if you are in the area.

The Facebook page is here, the website is here, you can follow them on Twitter : @TheConanDoyle

You can find them with this google map here.

12193377_10153215946377215_2287640330522217122_n  12191559_10153212870887215_1746699472882039531_n


Dirty Dicks

This pub is on Rose Street and is at the other end of this street from Waverley station.

As soon as you walk in you can see laods of bits of stuff scattered allover the pub, it has great character and you are sat there just staring at all the stuff. It must take ages to clean.

The food also looked nice.

I think there was about 4 or so ales and a few caledonian ales.

Definately worth a visit just to see the amazing stuff in there, I couldnt find a Facebook or Twitter account.

A google map is here so you can find the pub,



Rose and Crown

This pub is also on Rose Street and is just down from Dirty Dicks.

It was quite a windy day so I decided to sit inside the pub which had plenty of seats which were infront of the bar and to the right hand side of the bar.

The bar woman was very friendly which is a good sign for me, ale wise I think there was 3 or 4 ale pumps and I had a red ale.

I was sat watching the Simpsons on the tv.

Facebook page is here, the website is here,

A google map is here so you can find the pub.




The Amber Rose

After leaving the Rose and Crown I went into the Amber Rose, the rain was coming down a bit too much to do more walking, so another half was in order.

Another pub where you went down some steps and was greeted by a large seating area, food is served here.

I think there was again about 3 or 4 ales available.

Sport was also showing from their tv screens, a nice addition to my pub walk.

The Facebook page is here, website is here,

A google map is here so you can find the pub.



The Kenilworth

Just a bit further down Rose Street is this lovely pub, the interior is amazing and a bar which is in the middle of the pub with seating all the way round it.

They also serve food but getting a table isnt easy as this was a busy pub and I paid a few visits here.

6 ales were available and sampled a few of them.

Facebook page is here, the website is here,

A google map is here so you can find the pub.



Milnes Bar

As I continue down Rose Street I decide to go inside the pub, I had been in several times already and its a nice bar.

Absolutely loads of seating area, they also have a downstairs seating area with another bar.

They were showing football as well.

I think there was about 6 ales available and most were from Greene King.

Facebook page is here, website is here.

A google map is here so you can find the pub.



The Abbotsford Bar

The last pub I did on Rose Street and a nice bar it is as well.

Another where the bar is round the centre of the pub and seating around the edge, although it was busy I did manage to get a seat on this day.

Upstairs is the restaurant part of the pub although you could eat downstairs.

Ale wise there was about 5ish ale pumps and all 3 times I went in they were rotating the ales.

A google map is here so you can find the pub.


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