Huddersfield Pubs

My Untppd friends mentioned they were going to Huddersfield for a day drinking session on a Saturday and I tagged along as I have never been to Huddersfield drinking, and in 2017 I want to visit as many other cities/towns as possible to see what is out there.

These pubs are all in order and requires some walking and probably google map as a couple were hard to find, and a taxi journey as well.

Pub 1 Head of Steam – this pub is attached to the train station for a food place to start, plenty of seating room and loads of ales to choose from, there are 16 ale pumps with majority as you walk in, there are various rooms scattered around the pub.

Website is here. Facebook page is here.

Pub 2Arcade Beer – this is a short walk from the last pub (you need google map) and this is a bottle shop with a nice range of bottles and they also have 6 keg lines so you can drink in the shop, had quite a few customers in when we were there.

Facebook page is here.

Pub 3The Corner – now I would have never found this myself, this is a Mallinson tap pub and there are 7 ale pumps and plenty of keg lines, plenty of seating the they also had another bar which I think was downstairs, or it could be upstairs.

Facebook page is here.  You can follow them on Twitter : @thecornerhudds

Pub 4The Grove – a bit of a walk to the next pub and a monster of a beer list, 19 ale pumps and 15 keg lines which a big board as you walk in, the selection is massive and for a pub I haven’t seen anything like it, we had a few in here. Nice and friendly pub with unusual objects scattered around the place, like animal heads etc etc. I could spend all day in here and when I am next in Huddersfield staying over I may just do that. They also have their own glasses as well.

Website is here.  You can follow them on Twitter : @TheGroveHudds   Facebook page is here.


Pub 5Rat and Ratchet – The rat Brewery pub and I am a big fan of rat ales and see them in The Hop in Sheffield and sometimes at White Lion pub. I cannot remember how many ale pumps but enough to choose from and also a few keg lines, majority were Rat brewery. A must visit pub.

Website is here.  You can follow them on Twitter : @ratandratchet

Pub 6Magic Rock Tap – a taxi ride to the next pub and if you dont like Magic Rock ales I would suggest going, loads to choose from so had a couple in here, lovely place with loads of seating, also a large seating area outside but it wasnt beer garden weather, they also sell cans to take out.

Another must visit place.

Website is here.  Facebook is here.  You can follow them on Twitter : @MagicRockTap

Pub 7Sportsman – I am almost sure we walked to this next pub, my memory isnt as good remembering, another great pub with 9 ale pumps and quality served ales.

Website is here.

I think that was it, although I am sure we went into one more.

So did I enjoy myself and was it worth a visit – answer is clearly yes and if you havent been I suggest you pay them a visit. There are many more pubs along the way but these are what we went into.

Here is a google map of the pubs we went to and the route.



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