Nottingham 2017

A few weeks ago a friend said “we are going to Nottingham, want to come”, I want to visit more places and decided to go along and have a day out.

The weather was good and dry after 12.00 so it was summer coat instead of the winter one, woke up early and set off to the train station and headed to Nottingham. I have never been there drinking before so I was following the other 5 people round all day.

1st stop was The Overdraught, a new pub that only opened a few days ago and has 7 cask ales and 14 keg lines, the pub is very nice, lovely keg board showing all you need to know. Getting there was fun, a trip to the tram (which I didn’t know Nottingham had a tram system) which is next to the train station and a few stops later we were walking through a graveyard and finally we reached the pub, I did notice there were other pubs near as well.

Pub 2 was just a bit further down the road and is the Blue Monkey Brewery pub called The Organ Grinder, another nice pub and plenty of ales to try, I do like Blue Monkey ales and we don’t see a lot of them in Sheffield.

Pub 3 and its back up the road to The Falcon Inn, nice small pub and there was about 5 choices, 1 of them was Abbeydale ale, I went for the Oakham – Citra ale.

Pub 4 and this one I did like, The Hand and Heart, nice bar and again another pub who asked if we were Camra member which happened in quite a few pubs today, they have a upstairs and a small beer garden with wooden seats, very nice. Back downstairs and we were sat inside the cave.


Pub 5 we walked past A Room With A Brew, a micropub who someone on Twitter mentioned and we popped in, has a good selection of Scribbler Brewery ales which none of us had tried before, there was a theme on the ale names which I liked, lovely barwoman and also Camra discount.


Pub 6 – The Barrell Drop which was down a small alley way and this is on 2 levels and a few barrels around the pub, quite a few Magpie Brewery ales were on offer with some keg lines as well.


Pub 7 – The Junkyard and all keg lines, I think there was 16 and for me the best pub of the day, I had x2 of the 6th birthday Tiny Rebel ales and then went for a 11.5% ale and that sent me over the edge, lovely place and could easily stay here all day. They also do food.


Pub 8 – Six Barrell – this was a busy pub and not a lot on for ale people like us, I did have a the Tollgate ale.

Pub 9 – Angel microbrewery – another busy pub and the 1st drink we had was off so they kindly let us have another one which was from a brewery I never had before, and that was the theme of the day, trying new ales.


Pub 10 – Kearn`s Head – this is a Castle Rock pub and again plenty of choices on cask and keg, nice pub and this for me was the last one as I was getting quite drunk by now.

A few pictures of the day



So there you have it, a day out in Nottingham, was a very enjoyable day and was nice when pubs asked if we were Camra members, which doesn’t happen in many cities/towns.

Would I recommend the day to anyone – yes, but you need to plan your day out.


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