Jan Blog 1 – A day out drinking low alcohol

I shall during the year of 2019 doing blogs which are theme related, not sure what they are yet but I will find some to do.

Today is “A Day our drinking low alcohol”.

low alcohol is a business which I feel is set to boom in 2019, not many breweries cater for the non alcoholic drinkers, the people can be drivers, due to illness cannot drink, or cutting down on drinking, I am cutting down on drinking due to being diagnosed as a diabetic, I can still drink but its harder to control now due to lack of insulin my body now produces, so I find it better to control drinking low alcohol ales/lagers.

Saturday 5th January I decided to try some non alcoholic drinks and caught the tram from home into town and then the 83 bus to The Greystone pub, the bus stops right outside the pub. A Thornbridge pub and loads of room inside, the fire was also going, although it wasn’t a cold day it was nice to get a warm.

1st drink of the day is the Thornbridge 0.5% Big Easy, this is now available on keg, normally was available in bottles so nice to have the keg version.

2nd pub is a walk to The Stags head, hard to get a bus from Greystones to The Stag so a nice brisk walk, walking past a couple of other pubs along the way, Lescar and Porter Cottage, once in The Stag it was another Big Easy from Thornbridge and time for some food as I need some carbs so the sausage and mash does the trick.



3rd pub was a walk back onto London Road and catch the bus to Broadfield, the True North pubs are in January trying out new non alcoholic ales from a brewery which brews non alcoholic ales only, the brewery is Big Drop Brewing Co, their website is here.

The brewery does a milk stout, pale ale, lager and a special edition sour.

I had a sour and stout in the Broadfield, I must say the milk stout was really nice, hard to imagine it is 0.5%, you could taste the sour as well, not a strong sour but still drinkable. I popped back on the bus and headed to Waggon and Horses and had the stout again, the pub was very busy and had to stand, one of the bar staff came over and we had a chat about the stout.



After 5 hours travelling to the pubs I went back home sober and enjoyed the drinks. Will I be doing this again during 2019 – I am sure I will, nothing wrong with no alcoholic ales and I didn’t have to worry about diabetics for the day due to the low sugar contents.

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