Jan Blog 2 – Non Alcoholic + Alcoholic drinks

The date is 22nd January, the month were pubs are struggling with people deciding to do DryJanuary, but not me, I was out in the cold with my winter coat on and my Diabetic kit on a short walk around some of the Kelham Island pubs and also into town to get the tram home, so where did I go ….

…. pub 1 The Harlequin, I was lazy tonight as I normally walk to the pub but tonight I caught the tram to town and walked down to the pub. There was a few people in and I decided to have the Greeves – Clear Cut pint, a nice pale ale to start the evening off. I know the barman so was greeted with the usual “hello” and sat down to check Twitter.

pub 2 is The Riverside, a True North pub and is doing a Try Anuary on non alcoholic ales, featuring x2 breweries, Big Drop Brewery and Nivarna Brewery who both brew just 0.5% ales, these are in bottles so had the Nirvana – pale ale first and must say this was my 1st time with this ale and is quite nice, doesn’t taste 0.5%, 2nd drink was the Big Drop – milk stout which has a taste of milk stout, both are very good 0.5% ales. The pub was also quite busy and managed to get a seat, I must have been sat near a radiator as it was nice and warm, bar staff definitely chatty with these 0.5% ales.

pub 3 – Fat Cat and had a Loxley Brewery – Wisewood No7, I guess this must be their latest ale as they are all numbered, the pub was very quiet so getting a seat was easy, I just couldn’t decide where to sit so I sat next to the fire and a chap started talking to me, he didn’t last long and went, then only 3 people were sat in the bar side, one was doing a crossword puzzle and the other looked like he had just finished work (he had a suit on), I could hear the people in the other side as well, I had a packed of crisps in here.


pub 4 – Kelham Island Tavern and another quiet pub, I had choices of where to sit in here. Popped to the bar and I knew they had Brewdog – Nanny State 0.5% so had a bottle, this pub is strange when it is quiet.

pub 5 – was Bar Stewards and a hand full of people was in here, I had the Heathen from Abbeydale and a Northern Monk 3% ale, a half of each, I was chatting to the bar staff, not exactly anyone for hi to chat to. we talked about how quiet January was and also what beers were on. I left the pub with x2 cans of Tiny Rebel – Jam doughnut ale, which I just love, but then it is Tiny Rebel was bound to be good. A short walk to the next pub. Another packed of crisps in here.

pub 6 – Shakespeare and another quiet pub, I had x2 halves but didn’t keep a record of what they were, I am sure one was from North Riding Brewery and the other was Arbor brewery, both well kept halves as always, there was some strong stuff on keg but kept away from these, I was busy charging my phone and listening to some music in here.



pub 7 – Three Tuns, it is on the way to the tram stop so had a half of Theakstons bitter which I had not seen before, there was quite a few people in here but still managed to get a seat.

…. pub 8 – Dog and Partridge for a pint of Abbeydale Serenity ale, was quite a few people in here and one guy was a bit drunk and you could hear him as he was a bit loud.

this was my last pub of the night, a short walk covering just under 2 miles and just under 5k steps, another good night done and went home soberish, a final trip to Tesco’s for some food and also got x2 bottles of Brew Dog – Nanny State. Tonight’s 0.5% ales was featured on #craftbeerhour as their theme was low abv and you cannot get much lower than 0.5%



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