Moonshine 20th Birthday

So Abbeydale Brewery are celebrating 20th birthday for one of their drinks – Moonshine and where better to hold it than at their pub The Devonshire Cat. A pub with plenty of ale pumps and a ever growing keg line, dont get me started on this its not Craft as some pubs are calling it, thats a different topic.


So with 12 cask lines and 8 keg lines of Abbeydale brewery ales I was there quicker than you can count to 10. It was a Friday evening so a trip after work on the cards and with me having knee problems I was dropped off at the door, the pain i go through for these events.


This pub is also battling it out with The Shakespeare for my POTY2016 (Pub of The Year) and its a close battle, and this pub has changed so much recently, great guest ales have appeared and even the keg line is ever improving, also the introduction of boards for cask and keg appearing on the wall, so much to see what I want before I battle at the bar.

So onto the drinks, what did I have, I stayed away from the usual ones I have like Moonshine, Deception and Absolution as I wanted to try their new ones and ones I never had before.

  • Wet Ya Whiskers – this one is the double barrelled and a collaboration with Sheffield beer week and so much different to the normal cask version, you can find more here.
  • Double Deception – now I wasnt sure what to expect here, was it a double of the Deception, I wasnt convinced, % was double but nice to try.
  • O`Limpet – this was a new one on me and was nice and refreshing, lvoed the pump clip.
  • Not Just Jam – had this one before but the times I have I was struggling to taste the Lemon, but still wasnt getting it, maybe I was too greedy and wanted more Lemon.
  • Myar Skikt – couldnt pronounce the name so just pointed to the pump, very nice though.
  • Abbey Ale – this one I have had before and loved it and still do, found it to be very sweet.
  • Black Mass – ramping up the % now and barrelled and tastes wonderful, so different to the cask version.
  • Rango Mango – now I am not a sour drinker as I find them a bit sour, but was told this isnt that sour, and wow it was really nice.
  • Hop Smash – without doubt the best drink of the night.
  • Last Rites – one way to end the night with this 11% ale, just super nice.

black mass  last rites

Well that ended the night for me, not often I stay in a pub for such a long time but with excellent ales available there was not much choice.


You can find more about Abbeydale beers here:


The specials in cask

Craft beer in kegs

The beer archive


Event Date – 26th August Friday 2016


IMG_20160826_173304  IMG_20160826_173404

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