My 10 in April 2015

After visiting over 100 ale pubs in Sheffield I think it is time to list my favourite 10 ale pubs.

My plan is to visit them all again between 23rd and 26th April 2015.

These are not in any order, and I shall be reviewing each one when I visit saying why I chose these.


Devonshire Cat

Why this one ? .. this pub features my favourite 3 ales, Absolution, Deception and Moonshine. They also have a great selection of ales and porters, always find something interesting here to drink. There is a large seating area so no problems finding somewhere to sit, they also do food and is easy to find.

11156139_10152811999487215_7459873380107647787_n 11053469_10152811999682215_1183541240454643739_n


The Hop

Why this one ? … I am a fan of going into a pub and finding different ales, this one features ales from Osset Brewery and this pub usually has about 5 choices and all are excellent, they also do range of other interesting ales, a pub where you will find the unusual. They also do a pie and ale food, have live bands at the weekend, there is a small outside area at the front of the pub, if downstairs is full they do have upstairs seating, the toilets are also upstairs.

11009385_10152829915732215_1301962277380157045_n 10371943_10152829915842215_3413179104865285192_n


Sheaf View

Why this one ? …  again another pub where the ale rotates all the time, you can guarantee when you visit this pub the same ales are not always on, they do have some fine porters here. If you are after a pub playing music and has tv screens and a pool table this is not for you, instead you get a good old fashioned ale pub with plenty of seats inside and outside the pub. The food here is in the form of a sandwich at the bar and pork pies.

11147015_10152817088907215_3148030994669665486_n 11193261_10152817089012215_6762401204562244637_n


The Ball

Why this one ? … when I found this pub about a year ago I was shocked on the selection of ales and porters, with a astonishing 14 ale pumps you cannot go wrong with this fabulous pub, plenty of seating here and a large outside area, if you like your sport this is a pub to be with plenty of tv screens around the pub, the staff are also very friendly which in my mind makes a pub. The advantage this pub has is they also have little bottles of what colour the ales are, and recently they do discount for CAMRA members. I find this pub a great start for a walk through Walkley and onto Hillsborough.

11139989_10152811775547215_932433360258272748_n 10171225_10152811775422215_5694959848546219150_n



Robin Hood

Why this one ? … probably not everyone’s choice of their top10 but for me they do have a nice selection of ales, 11 pumps and you usually find the odd one not in other pubs, always plenty of seating area and seats are very comfy, they do serve food and it does look nice, there is a small outisde area at the front of the pub and it is on a good bus route. 20p off a pint of ale for CAMRA members, now becoming a firm favourite of mine.



Fat Cat

Why this one ? .. another pub which has some interesting ales and ports on, alongside the Kelham Island brewery ales, always find something exciting to drink in here and one of the better pubs for porters. The bar area might be small but plenty of seating once you go into the back or even outside which has plenty of tables. They do serve food and in the winter time they have the open fires on, easy access to get to this pub and usually one I go into when I do that area of town.

11061947_10152718477652215_8487490022319004457_n 11057752_10152718478282215_1144613514332853613_n


New Barrack Tavern

Why this one ? … again I like different ales and this one delivers that in abundance, serving Castle Rock ales and one of my favs is in this pub Red Riding Hood, I also tried a amazing stout as well, there is plenty of seating area and they also have a outside beer garden. Live bands perform here, for the sporty people there is a pool table and  darts board. Easy pub to get to with a good bus route and not far from the tram stop. A plus here is very friendly owners and staff.

11173373_10152799074132215_704853200884898268_n 10984121_10152815407237215_8879753550285838120_n


Hallamshire House

Why this one ? … I couldnt have a top10 without a Thornbridge brewery pub and this is the one I chose, a great selection of Thornbridge ales, and slowly working my way round them all, this pub has plenty of seating area and a large outside are at the back. Only a handfull of pubs which have a full size snooker table, you also will find in one room a selection of games to play. There is also 10% off during the day o the ales which comes in handy, usually the only pub I can find which has JaipurX on. Another plus is the very friendly staff who always have a smile on their face.

10978506_10152653645657215_2175066818530564638_n 11054797_10152798779132215_2864174747857394974_n


Red Deer

Why this one ? … this pub will always hold a special place in my heart as this was the first ever pub I had a ale in. Always got a nice selection of ales and always have a port on. This pub is very popular and finding a seat can be difficult. There is a good selection of games to play as well, another pub when it is winter time has open fires and I had the good luck to be in when they were on. In one side of the pub I found a selection of books and magazines to read. There is a discount for CAMRA members.


The Cremorne

Why this one ? … one I think will surprise alot of people, another which always has a interesting line up of ales, quite a few you wont find in other pubs. Seating is sparse but they do have a beer garden, i always can find a seat.  They do pizzas as well, not tried them but seen people eating. This pub has recently got a new manager and he is very keen on his ales so expect some good things to come from this pub, very easy to get to as it is on London Road.

10259879_10152415828527215_1351112366448068353_n 11151051_10152829980917215_6086457140035228027_n



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