Sheffield Half Pint Marathon 2016

This year my Marathon has been completed.


I did find this year the pubs did get more involved, quite a few did talk to me and they also showed the little cards next to the Stitch.

Pubs which didnt have it on when I went and therefore had to visit again were : Hallamshire House, Bath Hotel and Kelham Island Tavern.



Last year I did the half marathon day event, 13 pubs in a day, 6hrs and 51 minutes to walk/bus the way round. Got 11 out 13 stickers.

This year I planned to do the same again and this was on 4th May all day, so here is the day in detail:


I knew today was going to be a struggle, the weather was the warmest for ages and I have a blister on one foot, but onward I went, this time a different route to take in Hallamshire House 4.00 opening times, and during the day I had to change my route once.


Pub1 – Rutland Arms – 12.00 (1st sticker)

1st pub on the list, I was a bit early so was hanging round until they opened. I loved the idea they have of putting the cards in front of the Stitch pump, gives advertisement and gets people asking what they are for.


Pub2 – Old House – 12:34 (2nd sticker)

Short walk onto Devonshire Green area for pub no 2


Pub3 – Forum – 12:51 (3rd sticker)

Pub is on the same street as the last one, when I went in here earlier in the week they didnt have any stickers so he kindly put a sticker on my other card.


Pub4 – Bath Hotel – 13:19 (4th sticker)

Was chatting to the barman about today and I mentioned one pub could be a problem, yes, Hallamshire House, but more about that later on.


Pub 5 – University Arms – 13:47 (5th sticker)

Just a short walk from the last pub and I noticed I was here too early and this is where I decided to change the route or I would be at Hallamshire House too early.


Pub 6 – Shakespeare – 14:29 (6th sticker)

Walked down the road where the tram goes to Shalesmoor, I could have caught the tram but it was a lovely day.


Pub 7 – Kelham island Tavern – 14:58 (7th sticker)

Next pub was just round the corner from the last one, and now half way round in under 3 hours, but these pubs are very close to each other, now the long journey continues to pubs not so close to each other.


Pub 8 – The York – 15:49 (8th sticker)

I caught the tram from Shalesmoor to University Arms and then the 52 bus as both were due to arrive. Nice to see the barman wearing the t-shirt.


Pub 9 – Hallamshire House – 16:18 (NO STICKER)

Last year this was my problem pub with not having it on at all during the first week, i thought there would be no way they would do this again, and guess what, they did, I walked in and saw no Stitch pump, I walked round to the other 4 pumps round in the other room and no sign, I wasnt that disappointed as they are very slow in starting off, I asked the barman and he showed as much enthusiasm as a damp cloth, “it could be in the basement”.

So no sticker, no surprise, but I would have thought they would at least make a effort to start in the first week but they didnt, next year when I do this I shall make sure its in week 3.

Response on Twitter is it will be on this weekend 7th May, I feel sorry for those who are doing this Marathon and get to this pub and it isnt on, gives a bad impression to the whole event and I am sure it makes people think twice about carrying on, maybe this pub needs removing from next years event. (only my thought).

You would have thought they would have given me the sticker as it wasnt my fault and nothing from them on social media to say they wont have it on the 1st week. Not sure why they are so far behind all the other pubs who seem to be on time with the Stitch.

13173751_10153583578297215_7377364786688439668_n (1)

Pub 10 – Greystones – 17:17 (9th sticker)

The walk continues and walked from last pub to Hunters Bar, got a ice cream along the way, I got to the bottom of Greystones Road and thought”here we go” looked at the bus timetable and one was due in 1 minute so got that instead. Owner was wearing a t-shirt same one as me from last year.


Pub 11 – Stags Head – 18:23 (10th sticker)

Walk back down Greystones Road and to Hunters Bar and along to Porter Cottage for a half, then up the hill to this pub.


Pub 12 – Broadfield – 18:59 (11th sticker)

Walked down Sharrow Lane onto London Road and caught the bus to Broadfield (my 7 day citywide comes in handy)


Pub 13- Brothers Arms – 19:42 (12th sticker)

On the way to the last pub I called into the White Lion for a quick half.


The day was complete, 7 hrs and 42 minutes later I was ready for some food, I took in an extra 2 pubs along the route as well.

Must say I thoroughly enjoyed the day, it was fun, hot and sore on the feet.

I shall continue to do the sticker cards throughout May bit not the 13 pubs again in one go, I only do this once in the month.

Thanks to the 12 pubs who had Stitch on and getting into the spirit of the event.

Finally not forgetting Thornbridge / True North Breweries also for supplying the pubs and making sure they have some on.

Final card looks like:


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