Sheffield Half Pint Marathon 2017

No this is not the half marathon run, I don’t run, instead its the 3rd time I am doing the Sheffield Half Pint Marathon, yes it involves drinking … I am up for that .. plus it is for charity as well … so what do you do:

  1. You have to visit all 13 pubs in May
  2. You have to drink half of “The Wall” a new ale this year, last 2 years it was Stitch. You cannot drink any other ale, it must be that one.
  3. When you buy a half you ask for a card and they will put a sticker on it.
  4. Collect all 13 stickers and send your card off to the address on the website link below or drop the card in at the Forum

Sheffield Half Pint Marathon website is here :

You can follow them on Twitter here : @Sheffhalfpint   

You can hashtag where you are using this : #sheffhalfpint 

Here is my 2015 attempt, and here is my 2016 attempt.


This year there is a change to the 13 pub challenge and below are the 13:

  • The Broadfield
  • The Forum
  • The Brothers Arms
  • The University Arms – not open on Sundays
  • Hallamshire House
  • The Greystones
  • The Old House
  • The Riverside (NEW)
  • The Waggon & Horses (NEW)
  • The Bath Hotel – not open on Sundays
  • Kelham Island Tavern
  • The York
  • The Stags Head

Note 2 new pubs and also 2 don’t open on Sundays.

You will find me on Twitter posting on my journey and also posting in here when I do my “all day walk/bus” not sure which day yet but it will be on a Saturday.

Now for the challenge, over the last 2 years I have completed 4 cards = 52 halves = 52 visits to the pub, I have done more pubs as some didn’t have it on = no sticker.

This year this is part of the works May Challenge in our office, we like to do some challenges in a  month and May for me is this, this year though my target is 6 cards = 78 halves = 78 visits to the pubs, I can see this being more like 90 visits when pubs don’t have it on.

Can I do it …. we will see at the end of May.





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