The Great Peak Weekender 2015

The days I did was Friday and Saturday 3rd and 4th July 2015

Thornbridge Beer Peak Weekender

Thankfully there was a shuttle bus from Bakewell to the Thorbridge Outdoor area and also near Thornbridge Hall as it was quite a journey to the beer, we passed Thornbridge Brewery along the way, some confusion on Saturday as to where the shuttle bus was picking up from so thanks to the couple who told us all as we were stood there for over an hour, anyway they got the pickup point sorted later on.


Plenty of ales to try as Thornbridge did a amazing job of keeping the ales running, the line up of ales was changing all the time. The staff were kept busy all day especially on Saturday which was very very busy and very hot.

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The sun was shining and thankfully the suntan lotion kept the burns away. I found myself sat on a table with a bunch of strangers, a couple from Halifax, father and son from Barnsley and Sheffield, a guy from Matlock and a woman who lives near Rising Sun at Fullwood/Ranmoor.

11698559_10152979923662215_2247372732132081166_n 10458849_10152979923947215_4070110726270283337_n

11041120_10152979923917215_7334216162842489106_n 11698444_10152979924272215_2079375530928828748_n

Would I go again, definitely, roll on 2016.

11542073_10152979984327215_6503462227437591852_n 11403298_10152979983302215_7080324918299592071_n

List of ales I tried is below, I wanted to try the ones I have not tasted in ages :

Bracia – 10% (ony brewed 4 times a year)
Tzara – 4.8%
Jehanne – 7.4%
Cocoa Wonderland – 6.8%
Kipling – 5.2%
Hopton – 4.3%
Ashford – 4.2%
Brock – 4.1%
Bamberg – 6.0%
Melba – 5.2%
Charlie Brown – 6.2%
Dessert Sessions -5.7%
Seaforth – 5.9%



I also had to get a couple of t-shirts


11665501_10152979993342215_6250779954873840222_n 11235430_10152979993282215_660888542624464280_n

A list of Thornbridge pubs in Sheffield:

Bath Hotel – @BeerInTheBath

The Greystones – @TheGreystones

Stags Head  – @TheStagsHead2

Hallamshire House – @HallamshireHaus

The Cricket Inn – @CricketInnSheff

The Cross Scythes – @CrossScythesTS





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