Thornbridge Pub Crawl


On 18th February 2017 I decided to do a crazy thing and visit all 7 Thornbridge pubs in a day…. I bet you are thinking .. “that’s easy to do, visit 7 pubs” but these pubs are not near each other. If you click on the pub name it will take you to their webpage (apart from Coach and Hoses as its not on the Dronfield section yet)

I planned the route as follows:

Pub 1 – Coach and Horses (Dronfield) – I decided to start here as the 25/24 bus goes past where I live and get off at Norton and walk down to the pub, I got there just before 12.00 and had my first 2 halves, the weather was really nice for walking and I had my summer coat on, the pub is next to Sheffield FC football team who are the oldest team in the world, I think. I had 51 minutes to drink 2 halves ready for the bus.

Pub 2 – Cross Scythes – time to catch the 43 bus from outside the last pub and get off at Woodseats and walk up the hill to the next pub, again I had the 2 halves which was the theme of the day, all Thornbridge ales and the plan was not to start on the strong % but that didn’t last long as I have the Ice Cram Porter 6% in this pub, not often I see it on cask.

Pub 3 – Bath Hotel – short walk back down the hill and onto the main road and catch any bus into town and the halves didn’t last long as I had a pint of Saint Petersburg on cask, this pub is one I visit most with it in town and easy to get to, also is in my shortlist of Pub of the Year 2017.

Pub 4 – Hallamshire House – walk back onto West Street and catch the 95 bus, thankfully the bus was coming up the road so didn’t have to wait at all, got off at Commonside and short walk to the pub, lovely woman behind the bar who was helping customer on what to choose, someone did come in and say their fav ale was “Doombar”, I did keep quite.

Pub 5 – Greystones – I did the walk from last pub through Broomhill and down towards Hunters Bar, I had a look at the 83 bus times and one was due in 3 mins so waited, saved walking up the big hill.

Pub 6 – Stags Head – this pub is walkable from the last one and had a couple of halves in here, I keep saying one time I will eat in this pub, the food does look nice.

Pub 7 – The Cricket Inn – I walked down to London Road waiting for the 98 bus which didn’t seem to want to turn up, by this time it was nearly 7.30 and had spent 7.5hrs walking/bussing and was feeling a bit tired and called it a day … so in the end I didn’t make all 7 …

…. but I will try again soon …. maybe do the route the other way round and start at Cricket Inn, it was a good day as well and nice to visit some pubs where I wouldn’t normally go visit …. so if you want to try this you need to be prepared to get on a few busses and basically enjoy walking.

I did get a loyalty card and got a few stamps on it.




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