Tryanuary 2018

So most people in January tend to do Dryanuary but not me .. its all about Tryanuary, which is try new beers try new pubs or visit pubs I haven’t been to for ages,  you can find more here 

2016 tryanuary is here

List of Sheffield breweries here

Don’t forget to use the hastag – #tryanuary

Local Sheffield breweries and where to find their ales (these pubs will have more than one selection of their ales)

During January I did no updates to my website as it was all about #tryanuary so I wasn’t promoting myself at all, It was about this month of beer.

So lets see what I did and what events I attended and why choose these for January.

6th  – visit micropubs/new bars in Sheffield, my first pub walk was to feature the new pubs in Sheffield and also the micropubs we have, in total I visited 8 places  in one day this was on a Saturday, if you click on the pub names before you will go to their pages on my website. So why did I do this ? – I normally pop into these places during the year but not all of them so I wanted to let the public know about these places so they can visit them in 2018. – Guzzlepub, Itchy Pig, Beer House, Portland House, Dorothy Pax, Bar Stewards, Ecclesall Ale Club, The Drink Inn


10th – a MTB at Fox and Duck with Little Critters – I wanted to showcase their ales in their own pub as people would have tried their ales In other places but I bet not many visit the Fox and Duck in Broomhill, which I know from some friends they don’t go, had a lengthy chat with Rich their brewer and also found some things about what they are going to brew.

11th, 12th and 13th – a few days in Leeds – I haven’t been to Leeds in a few years and wanted to get away for a few days and Leeds was the destination, I visited some pubs I had not been to in ages and some new ones, new one was Northern Monk bar which I did like and had a nice selection of ales. Thanks to Beer Central who did me a map of some pubs I had not been to and much appreciated, the journey was on Twitter.


18th – bottle share – Beer Central – I have never been to a bottle share before and since its #tryanuary I just had to go to one. Orgainsed by Beer Central which he does every month and basically you take a few bottles of ales and they are lined up by strength and we work down the bottles by weakest first to strongest last. I had a thoroughly nice evening meeting people I had never met before and there were 3 of us on our virgin bottle share night.

19th – Railway Hotel – Geeves TTO – the Railway mentioned they would like to do something for January and they arranged a MTB and TTO with Geeves brewery in Barnsley, there were 5 Geeves ales on and had a pint of each one. Also the Railway had a week of pinball machines days and that brought back memories of my youth, which is quite sometime ago, thoroughly enjoyed both events and got to speak to the brewery.


20th – Hop Hideout – They had their collaboration ale with Blackjack from Manchester and also had a few others while I was there, and one was a banana stout which didn’t taste or look like a stout but you definitely did get the banana flavour.


23rd – New Barrack Tavern – film night – this pub mentioned to me that they were starting a film night every month of the year and the first one I went to and was The Full Monty, although I had seen the film many times it was nice to see it again and still to this day pick up things I not had seen before during the film. Popcorn and ice creams were also free and also the fine ales this pub serves, I do hope they continue with this idea, it was a nice change.

24th – Bath Hotel – Bad Seed TTO MTB – I am a fan of Bad Seed so this was one event I was not going to miss, they had a nice selection of ales on and a busy crowd in the smaller room for the MTB and is always nice to hear breweries talking about beer, they came across as very passionate at what they do, enjoyable evening.


28th – Day out in Chapeltown – Wasn’t sure what to do on this day and when I read a Twitter post from Si from Leeds about his tryanuary post about visiting places not been before this was screaming Chapeltown as I not been there for a long time, started in Burncross and walked down to Chapeltown and also visited 2 new pubs (which I shall review soon).

30th – I asked on Twitter which pubs would like me to visit – Head of Steam and Greystones – I want to do something on the last 2 days of January, you could say I wanted to go out with a bang so I posted on Twitter if any pubs would like me to do a review of their pub on Twitter and Head of Steam said yes and had a few of their ales and then off to Greystones on the 83 bus up that hill for some Thornbridge ales, thoroughly enjoyed both pubs.


31st – last day of Tryanuary – just a short stroll round town, the weather wasn’t nice so wasn’t going far and visited some pubs I go in a lot and some I don’t, mainly around Division Street and ended up in Bath Hotel for a Thornbridge ale. Picture below was my last drink in January.

11th January was South Yorkshire day and we took over the Twitter account promoting Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster and Wakefield – people involved were – mashtun and meow, twobeergeeks, the dark ale lord, and Liam P Rayner we were also posting on Instagram as well.

I was a bit disappointed with the lack of support from Sheffield breweries, hopefully in 2019 they will get more involved, we have some lovely pubs/breweries here as well who could have got more involved.


Now lets see what Untppd says about my January and what I had to drink. Well that took some time to trawl through what I had drunk in January, in total 169 ales were drunk, majority of these were halves and not pints.

My favourite 6 are:

  • to Ol – Jule Maelk Rhum edition
  • Weird Beard – I scream for you bruce
  • Northern Monk – Campfire Strannik
  • Omnipollo – I wanna be your dog
  • Thornbridge – Love among he ruins (aged in burgundy barrels)
  • Tiny Rebel – Imperial Puft


MY plans for January 2019 and if you want to get involved please let me know.

I started very late for #tryanuary 2018, I think it was December when I got on board and didn’t have time to plan things, 2019 will be better planned and will also put together a team of people to go round the pubs with me to see if they want to get involved in the next one. I may even feature a “pub a day” as well.

Must thank Tom from Tryanuary who organised everything from beer days to the raffle, such a massive task with 100 volunteers around the UK promoting their own areas and was a pleasure to read all about other cities/towns.

Roll on 2019

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