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As part of my #tryanuary weekends I shall be doing a series of trips around Sheffield and also have one in Elsecar and another further afield, cannot mention yet, these are themed days as well trying to get people to try something new.

From Tryanuary website:

Tryanuary was created to encourage beer fans to support independent breweries, pubs, bars and other retailers during what can be a challenging month for the industry. Since its inception in 2015, the campaign has garnered huge support.

6th January

this day was to showcase the micropubs and new bars we have in Sheffield, the new bars are those opened within the last year selling ales.

in total there are 8 places to visit and here is the journey:

(venue 1) Dorothy Pax – this is on the Victoria Quays in one of the units and this is the nearest pub to me selling ales, and now becoming a regular place and a good start for me when doing the Kelham Island area pubs, the owner is always on site and very friendly to chat to, he is passionate about his ales, he has 3 cask ales on which usually are Sheffield ales, there is 1 keg line of Magic Rock. There is also a food van outside which I believe does pizzas, also they have bands on as well.

(venue 2) Guzzle – this is down at Woodseats and the best way to get there is from the last pub catch the 24/25 bus which stops right outside The Drink Inn. this is a fairly new place and a refreshing change for Woodseats, they serve 5 ales and all seem to be Sheffield breweries. Again enough seats as well.

(venue 3) Itchy Pig – this is a bus back into town and then catch the 52/52a upto Broomhill. They serve 5 ales and have a few keg lines as well, a couple from Camden brewery, they also have beer board showing what is on and what is to come. they also do food snacks. The ales do vary a lot so always guaranteed something new when you go in.

(venue 4) Beer House – now time to walk down to Ecclesall Road fort 3 pubs in a row. Serving 6 cask ales and again a varied selection, plus 3 keg lines which seem to have Magic Rock on, they do food snacks as well, and enough seats and they have 2 benches outside the front.

(venue 5) – Ecclesall Ale Club – keep walking down Ecclesall Road and you will find Sheffield’s newest bar, this is a father and son run business from Brew Foundation, they have 5 cask on and about 6/7 keg lines, the ales do vary a lot, there are a couple of Brew Foundation on but majority is guest ales. They also have a couple of fridges with a vast selection of bottles and cans to take out or drink in. This is what was needed on Eccy Rd.

(venue 6) – Portland House – keep walking down Eccy rd and cross over to get to the final pub on this road. This has recently been taken over by 2 guys and they have 6 ale pumps, ales vary as well, I cannot see a theme here so always something on I would have.

(venue 7) Bar Stewards – normally I would walk down to this pub but was feeling a bit tired so got a bus into town and walked down from there. Run by 2 guys who are usually in the place and they love to have a chat, they serve 4 cask ales and about 7 keg lines, the selection always changing and never disappointed with the choices. Also there is a fridge of cans and bottles you can drink in or take out. In the summer there will be a beer garden at the back to give even more space.

(venue 8) Old Workshop – a short walk to this venue which is near to Pedlers Market and Yellow Arch. This is owned by the same people as Beer Engine and is a daring pub to not serve any cask, instead they have 9 keg lines which you can buy in 1/3rds if you are like me and want to sample a few. They do food snacks as there is a kitchen in this venue. Personally I don’t think a keg only bar in Sheffield would work but they have proved me wrong.


So that is my micropub & new venues walk, this takes about 7/8 hours with the bus journeys, I was drinking halves and I didn’t visit any other pubs.

So why not this January try one of these or a few of them, also don’t forget to visit them throughout the year.

Remember to use the hastag  #tryanuary








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