My Review of 2017

As soon as 2016 review had finished I was already thinking about 2017, and there are a few surprised in my POTY Top10 with some dropping out but there is still time for them to come back in, criteria as always is good ales, served well, customer service, etc etc and not forgetting … the glass

Final winners is as usual, in November 2017, I shall be announcing my favs one a day during November.

As always this is my opinion only and no one else’s, feel free to let me know your opinions on Twitter.

So here we go:

My Top 10 of 2017 are:

  • (1) – Shakespeare
  • (2) – Rutland Arms
  • (3) – Beer Engine
  • (4) – White Lion
  • (5) – Wellington
  • (6) – New Barrack Tavern
  • (7) – Hallamshire House
  • (8) – Fat Cat
  • (9) – Harlequin
  • (10) – Sheffield Tap



My other favourites are

Sheffield Brewery of the Year – (Last year Abbeydale Brewery) – one brewery had stood out for me this year. They have released so many new stuff and always find them in The Wellington pub. My fav is Neepsend Brewery.

Micro pub of the Year – (last year Beer House) – for me my fav is Itchy Pig. Always have a good selection on and have improved their keg line as well. Nice friendly pub where you can chat with the owners and the public.

Thornbridge pub of the Year – (last year Bath Hotel) – I couldn’t choose 1 so gone with 2 as there wasn’t much difference apart from the big hill – Greystones with their lovely view. The other is Hallamshire House.

Drink of the Year – (last year Titanic – Plum Porter) – this was a close call and in the end I have chosen 2. Little Critters – Nutty Ambassador and Neepsend – salted caramel.

Best Beer Blogger – (last year twobeergeeks) – this was so difficult to choose between 2 that I have only just made my choice and I do like to read his blogs all the time very informative and you sense you are there when he whites them so this year it is @wbeefy

Best New Pub – (last year Head of Steam) – this year was a close call between 2 pubs/bars and had to think long and hard before choosing Bar Steward – lovely place nice casks and kegs and with addition of more bottles and friendly staff what more can you ask for. Plus it’s in the right location as well. This pub will be in my shortlist of POTY18.

Best Brewery Pub – (last year Nag Head Inn – Bradfield brewery) – we have a few of these in Sheffield and a clear winner for me is Wellington and Neepsend Brewery again great new ales and friendly staff which is a massive plus for me. The brewery didn’t change the pub much apart from the ales.

Best Beer Garden of the Year – (last year Gardeners Rest) – I like a good beer garden and its all about the look of a beer garden and the seating area and what I can see when sitting there and this year my favourite is Fat Cat, it has just about the right amount of things to look at on the walls and isn’t over crowded.

Best Sheffield Beer festival of the Year – (last year SIBA) – My favourite Sheffield beer festival is SUNFEST at Rising Sun pub at Fullwood, the car park is turned into a beer festival with cask and keg available, plenty of seating outside and also inside the pub and its a event where I book days off work.

Best Beer Board – (last year Shakespeare) – I love beer boards and I feel they are as important than the ales served in the pub, I also like a bit of colour on my beer board as well with good description of what is in each ale and % plus the price so my favourite this year is Harlequin.

Best Brewery outside of Sheffield – (Hopjacker – Dronfield) – For me this was a clear winner, I was in Manchester for their Manchester beer week for a couple of days and went to the Beermoth pub and they had a tap takeover on from Buxton Brewery and it was like being in heaven, 16 Buxton ales on at the same time, I still have yet to visit Buxton tap pub but it is on my hit list…. winner – Buxton Brewery.

Best ale City outside of Sheffield (can only go on those I have visited ) – (last year Leeds) – again I can only pick my fav from the ones I have visited and this year it is Manchester, I am lucky that I have a office in Manchester so I can go there on a Friday and stay over the weekend, I have been many times and excellent selection of pubs and you can view some of them here. I also went to the Manchester beer festival in January and one of the best of this year for me.

Best Greene King pub – (last year The Ball) – Sheffield have quite a few Green King pubs and the winner this year is The Ball again, always serving guest ales and they have a good dozen guest ales, situated at the top of Crookes you can get the 52 bus there.

Most Friendly Bar Staff – (last year White Lion) – last year it was AJ from White Lion and again she wins it, when you have a bubbly friendly bar woman who never ever serves you in a bad mood, she knows her ales, she will chat with you and ask how you are, even asks if I am camra member although she knows this, great customer service.


Most improved pub – (last year – Rising Sun) – this cannot think of any pub that has improved.




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