Pub Walk No 12

This walk is a very long one, to give you an idea it is 6.53 miles and 14,592 steps and is a full day’s walk, if you are not into walking then please don’t try this, you can do it several ways.

Catch the 61/62 bus to High Bradfield and then catch the bus to pub2 and pub3 and from there you will be able to walk the rest, majority of the pubs are in the Hillsborough area.


Pub 1 – The Old Horns – this pub is at High Bradfield and is a Thwaites pub and a nice selection of ales, they also serve food and have a wonderful view. I caught the bus to this pub, it is best to walk back into Hillsborough from here.


Pub 2 – Nags Head Inn, this is a Bradfield brewery tap pub and serves all Bradfield ales for £2 a pint, which is a bargain and they also serve food, and have a beer garden plus a car park. From Pub1 to Pub2 is a long walk.


Pub 3 – Admiral Rodney – another pub with a magnificent view from the beer garden, serving 5 ales and they had a couple of local ales, also serving food with a car park. Pub2 to Pub3 is a long walk.


Pub 4 – Wisewood Inn – another pub with a great beer garden view and serving a good selection of ales, usually have a few guest ales on and also a couple of keg lines, serving loads of food and they have a great food board.


Pub 5 – Champs – a sports bar and usually find a couple of Bradfield ales in here, serving food, they also have another pub on Eccy Road.

Pub 6 – The Anvil – heading up to Stannington you will find this pub and I bet it is not one you go to, serving local ales in here, and plenty of seats, shows sport and have a pool table, plus a car park.


Pub 7 – New Bridge Inn – nice pub serving a couple of ales and you will find Bradfield ale on here, a large beer garden at the back of the pub.


Pub 8 – Hillsborough Tap– had a refurb a while back and got rid of the pool table and put more seats, serving a few local ales and plenty to choose from.


Pub 9 – New Barrack Tavern – on the main Penistone Road and serving 12 ales with a selection from Acorn brewery and Castle Rock plus the only pub with a full-time pump dedicated to Plum Porter (Titanic), they have a pool table, beer garden and always have live acts on during the weekend, they also have a selection of bottle ales as well.


Pub 10 – The Queens Ground – heading back up towards Hillsborough and a pub which has improved in ales and have a good local selection and lovely building with plenty of seat.

Pub 11 – Hillsborough Hotel – keep walking on the main road into town and you come to the last pub, serving food and have a beer garden and a half a dozen ale.


You can download a pdf file here – walk12




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