Pub Walk No 9

Pub Walk No 9 – Town Centre – This is a walk round the town centre taking in some pubs you probably havent been in or dont think they have ales or expect much, it is a nice walk and can be done in a evening.

You can download a pdf file of the 10 pubs here –   walk9


List of pubs is below:

This walk is a different one to what I normally do, this is an evening walk and can be done in under 4 hours, I was drinking halves.

What is different to this one is pubs which includes those which I dont normally pop into apart from the 1st 2 pubs which I go in often.

The other pubs may not have many ale selections but what they have is good for an evening session, if you are after porter, stouts and bizarre ales then its not for you.

  • Pub 1 – Head of Steam
  • Pub 2 – Graduate
  • Pub 3 – Roebuck
  • Pub 4 – Bungalow and Bears
  • Pub 5 – Great Gatsby
  • Pub 6 – Frog and Parrot
  • Pub 7 – Common Room
  • Pub 8 – Beehive
  • Pub 9 – Cavendish
  • Pub 10 – Wick at Both Ends

I bet you are thinking … “You wont see me in some of those pubs”, well give it a try. This is what I had in each pub.

  • Pub 1 – Aussie Pale (Bad Seed) + Banoffee Dunkelweiss (Tiny Rebel)
  • Pub 2 – Chameleon Series No 1 – Mosaic (Little Critters)
  • Pub 3 – Doctor Morton`s Crispy Automatic Duck (Abbeydale)
  • Pub 4 – Golden Best (Timothy Taylor)
  • Pub 5 – Stateside IPA (Saltaire)
  • Pub 6 – Dark (Exmoor Ales)
  • Pub 7– Hops and Dreams (Brew Foundation)
  • Pub 8 – Iceberg (Titanic)
  • Pub 9 – Drop Kick (Acorn)
  • Pub 10– Triple Chocoholic (Saltaire)

All ales were well served and tasted as they should, didnt have any dodgy ales.

Now a bit more about each pub. If you click on the pub name it will take you to my website with more info about each pub.

Pub 1 Head of Steam 10 choices of ales, some from Cameron Brewery as it is one of their pubs, the guest ales are all different with some local ales, they also have some keg lines and they do differ. Plenty of seating as well and they do food as well.

Pub 2Graduate – Since the refurb a while ago this pub has been doing well, 4 cask ales and they do sometimes surprise me with a good selection, also have 5 keg lines, a board on the wall behind the bar shows prices which I do like, food is also served in here.

Pub 3 Roebuck – this pub has had a few change of hands and they serve 6 ales which seem to be different when I go in, they do food as well and have a beer garden at the back of the pub.

Pub 4 Bungalow and Bears – the old fire station and serves 3 ales, one is usually Doombar but the others do vary and they have surprised me a lot, they also have a couple of keg lines, food is served here and can get very busy.

Pub 5 Great Gatsby If you like Saltaire ales you will find 1 ale pump of their ales, they have another ale pump, and a couple of keg lines, I did see Plum Porter from Titanic on keg when I was in here. They also do food as well.

Pub 6 Frog and Parrot – a Green King pub and have 6 ale pumps, a few are GK ales but they do have guest ales, also have a couple of keg lines, one of them is Brewdog Punk IPA, they also do food and have plenty of seats.

Pub 7 Common Room – part of the True North family and have 4 ale pumps, a couple usually True North and they also have a few keg lines as well, food is served here and they also show sport on their many tv screens and if you like pool they do have quite a few pool tables.

Pub 8 Beehive – 5 ale pumps in here and they can vary a bit, I didnt see any keg lines and they also do food and sport on their many tv screens.

Pub 9 Cavendish – 3 ale pumps and 1 of these has cider on, they do have 5 keg lines with a board and price list. They also do food and again another sports bar with tv screens showing usually football.

Pub 10Wick at Both Ends 3 ale pumps and they have 1 pump that has the same ale on al the time, the other 2 can differ, food is served here and can be busy as well, so getting a seat isnt a certain.

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