Mitchells Hop House Brewery

This is the latest brewery to hit Sheffield and they are based at Meadowhead next to their wine shop.

I have already seen their ales in some of Sheffield`s pubs and very nice they are as well.

The core range is on this page on their website.

Madness – IPA 5%
Independent – Blonde 4%
Marilyn – The Golden one – 4.3%
Dennis – Pale Ale – 4.5%
Butchers – Beer & Beef Bitter – 4%
The Thirst Christmas – Amber Ale – 5%

They are also a member if SIBA (The Society of Independent Breweries)

You can follow them on Twitter : @MitchellsWines

Their Facebook page is here

If you like Gin and Whiskey they do tasting nights and all details are on their website.

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