Updating every web page

With us hopefully coming out of lockdown over the next few months and pubs starting to open, I will be updating ALL the pub pages, you will know when they are updated as they will have these new buttons below:

Website Instagram  Facebook  Twitter

The Pubs wont be updated until after 2nd May . The pub will then move into the new alphabet indexed pubs list.

I will include the following:

  • how many ale pumps
  • how many ale keg lines
  • if they have a beer garden
  • if they serve food


I am updating “Sheffield Breweries” pages now and they will have the above 4 buttons plus one more below

Website Shop


If any pubs are CLOSED due to Lockdown I will move the page to the “Closed Pubs” and once they re-open I will move them to the correct ale pumps page.


13/03/2021 – ALL brewery pages are updated with all the above links, a direct link is on each page to the brewery website shop.

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